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AEK 265-N PAG oil 250ml R134a -R1234YF -Electric /Hybrids


AEK 265-N for ecotechnics/SUN and Oksys machines. 250 ml of PAG 46E. For use in HFO R1234yf systems. For use in hybrid / electric vehicle systems. Pattern replacement for AEK 265-N.

Snow Leopard HFO-PAG46e and HFO-PAG100e are
the right oils to use in R1234yf systems when, as most VMs do, a
PAG based lubricant is specified.
These low moisture HFO-PAGs are now fully compatible with electric
compressors found in Hybrids and plug-in EVs. They also give better
lubricity and performance in all R134a systems than any ordinary
R134a PAG oil. Their lower hygroscopicity and exceptional viscosity
index enhances compressor life by ensuring efficient running even
at high temperatures.
That means that Snow Leopard HFO-PAGs can be considered as
a genuine ‘one type fits all’ solution. When you choose these top
level lubricants, you escape the risk of using the wrong oil.

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