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Errecom Atom Ultra Pure (120ml) Box of 12


Box of 12

Purifying Treatment for Atom Machine(pure)
ATOM ULTRA is a purifying liquid specifically formulated to
be used ONLY with ultrasonic nebulizer ATOM MACHINE.
Benefi ts:
Restores and refreshes interior air quality.
Excellent long-term effect.
The “No Odor” formulation eliminates unpleasant
odors by reacting with their molecules and permanently
incorporating them.


ULTRASONIC NEBULIZERS are electronic ultrasonic nebulizer devices designed
to instantaneously generate the nebulization of a purifying liquid that is distributed
by the A/C system. The main advantage of this system is the nebulization of the
liquid at room temperature. This helps to avoid the phenomenon of condensation
that typically occurs when a liquid is nebulized by heating. The particles of liquid
sprayed with ULTRASONIC NEBULIZERS have a size of less than 5μm so they
don’t settle on the surfaces, propagating totally in the A/C system and in the
passenger cockpit. This condition cannot be achieved when using typical aerosol
cans, because the particles atomized, due to their size and heaviness, precipitate


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